The Final Strike

Dear friends, fans, sympathizers,

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time for a special announcement:

On Friday, 17th of February, 2017, the five of us will be playing our final show together.

We've had a wonderful year, playing at some of the biggest and most established festivals: a special psyched-up set at Roadburn Festival, a mainstage spot at Graspop Metal Meeting and a truly unforgettable show at Wacken Open Air. On top of that we did two different tours, supporting Metal Church in May and Sacred Reich during the Summer season. Pretty much every gig went really well, reviews were favourable and our reputation steadily grew. Above all, we’ve had some great times.
However, after finishing our Summer tour, exhaustion had set in and a decision had to be made:
Were we going to start writing another album? Writing an album was often the hardest part of being in this band, since it was such a collective effort. Did we have the energy, the motivation? And, most of all: were we still strong enough a team to pull it off?

We played our first show in March, 2008. Nine years is a long time to be engaged in a close partnership with five (!) strong-minded people. It was rarely easy, and it doesn't seem to get much easier as time goes by. This band has been a democracy from the get-go as there was no other way to deal with the conflicting personalities and egos. All decisions, whether logistically, financially or artistically, were the result of debate, compromise and the rule of majority. It's not hard to imagine that, however interesting, this is not the easiest way to work.
Add to that equation: a whole lot of time and energy spent on driving, setting up and breaking down gear; the pressure of a deadline; the temptations of touring life; a nervous breakdown here, a personal friction there; increasingly different artistic views … this list could go on for a while, but we think you get the picture.

At this point, we feel that it's time to end this collective and make way for new things.
We do not carry any ill feelings towards each other - quite on the contrary so. For as long as possible, we'll even keep sharing our rehearsal space at Antwerp Music City to house our new projects (you can expect quite a few during next year's course).

On Friday, 17th February, we're having a big farewell party at Trix in our home town Antwerpen.
We hope to see the place packed with friends and fans from everywhere around!

It's been a wonderful ride and we'll end it in style - we want to make these final shows the best of our career, so don't miss out and wear your party pants!

Thanks for your support!!


Peggy Meeussen, Jeroen De Vriese, Toon Huet, Rob Martin, Jan Rammeloo


Out of the Darkness

The new video.

Room Without a View (lyric video)

Here is it! Our first lyric video of 'Gruesome Masterpiece' This is 'Room Without a View'!

Twist the Knife (Official Music Video)

Here's the second video from our upcoming album 'GRUESOME MASTERPIECE'


Here it is…the first single 'CRAWLING IN THE DIRT', taken from our upcoming album 'GRUESOME MASTERPIECE'

On tour with Flotsam & Jetsam

We'll also be on the road with legendary thashers FLOTSAM AND JETSAM!

Headlining Graspop's Jupiler stage

We're thrilled we can finally spread the word that we're headlining Graspop's Jupiler stage on thursday 18th June!!! It's the first night of GMM and only available for people with a combiticket for the whole weekend. It's going to be a Belgian night because besides us, three other cool Belgian bands will be playing.

These Tales of Tragedy (video)

We have a new clip of an old song for you guys! This is what 2014 has been for us on stage, we did some pretty cool shows this year… Next time we'll have something from our new album that we're recording as we speak… But for now enjoy this one: These Tales of Tragedy

BLIKSEM, Gruesome Masterpiece
BLIKSEM The Final Strike, February 17 2017, Trix Antwerp


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